Reported By: Mr.Basil Xess, Assistant Manager
Edited By: Communications Team



HazaribaghHazaribagh, Jharkhand: IGSSS initiated a project to provide food security to 1000 marginalized families in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand . The communities have low family income due to subsistence farming, low crop production, negligible marketable crop, shortage of food grains (3 to 4 months of the year), and limited opportunities of livelihood for women.


The objective was to increase access to food and welfare income, education and support for families to eat a well balanced meal every day.


The strategies adopted included developing institutions like women SHGs, village development committees, farmers’ field schools, implementation and monitoring of activities like soil and water conversion, and networking and advocacy with stakeholders like government officials, PRI members, etc.


The project started off with a rapid assessment of 4 villages of the Churchu block. This has led to the formation of SHGs and farmer field schools. Besides, the thrust is on developing the capacities of the farmers on organic farming and vermi composting. The project extended its support to cover 20 villages from the Churchu block wherein 60 out of these 1000 households were headed by women.