Reported By: Manisha Kumar, Assistant Manager, Urban Poverty Programme
Edited By: Communications Team




Ghaziabad: Informal sector workers contribute enormously towards the development of any city but their efforts remain unnoticed and unappreciative. These workers are mostly engaged in physical labor. Despite their hard work, they get a meager amount as wage at the end of the day. These people don’t have wage or job security. The salary that they draw is not sufficient to feed a family. In absence of social security, they are forced to live as destitute during the twilight years of their life.


IGSSS’ NGO partner, Laxmi, in Ghaziabad has been working with informal sector workers, specifically with construction workers, daily wage laborers, domestic workers and rickshaw pullers. Recently an event was organized by Laxmi at Bhimbhai Park in Vijaynagar to felicitate these workers. Mayor Mr. Teluram Kambhoj, Mayor Ghaziabad, was the chief guest at this occasion, Mr. S.K. Gautam, Zonal Officer and the IGSSS team was also present at the ceremony.

This event was organized to thank these hard working people who provide cheap labor and critical services to the city and its residents.

More than 500 laborers were present at the event out of which 38 were felicitated for providing support to fellow workers and spreading awareness about the rights and entitlements for poor workers. The laborers also staged a play on this occasion, which depicted hardships in the life of poor laborers. This play ended on a positive note with the laborers collectively raising their voice for justice. The laborers celebrated and enjoyed with a game of tug of war, musical chair, etc. This was a small effort to mobilize and encourage poor workers who otherwise spend their entire lives in anonymity.