Reported By : Ms.Arpita Macwan, Executive – Partnership Management


Exposure Visit


Amrawati,Maharashtra: IGSSS under its livelihood intervention organised exposure visit for farmers to understand about organic farming models. The key aim was to enhance the knowledge of the partners on organic farming models through field exposure.


Mr. Subhash Sharma, an organic farmer in Yawatmat, 100 km from Amrawati conducted the exposure session on his own farm wherein he had developed a training center to demonstrate several models of organic farming. An experienced farmer himself,he shared how it is extremely important not to disturb the ecological balance so as to reap a better produce from the soil. He strongly condemned the use of any chemicals and sprays on the field, suggesting trees and bird excreta as effective natural alternatives. He then demonstrated how to make different kinds of composts, explaining the significance of each ingredient along with its cost effectiveness.


Apart from composts and natural fertilizers, Mr. Sharma explained about mix cropping and multi cropping pattern to the visitors and vouched for a more nutritious produce if these methods are adopted. The session concluded on a hopeful note as the partners were determined to help their farmers adapt to these more efficient organic farming models as it is easy to replicate through existing natural resources.