Reported By : Mr.Debendra Swain, Execeutive Programmes


community people motivating themselves



Mayurbhanj,Balasore,Odisha: IGSSS organised mock drill sessions in 11 villages of Mayurbhanj and Balasore district. This was organised in the wake of the alert message disseminated by the Indian Meteorological Department so that the community adopts safety measures as cyclone Hudhud was predicted to make a landfall.


The predictions about cyclone Hudhud created panic among the community. However, IGSSS team members immediately responded to the situation. Along with the members of the Village Disaster Management Committee, several meetings and disaster preparedness campaigns were organised with the community. As part of the community disaster preparedness process,road map for evacuatios were prepared, the community was also trained to keep stock of food, how to care for the children,aged and women during emergency situation.


The training gave confidence to the community to combat the disaster situation. They shared that one of their biggest learning was that rather than concentrating on the rumours,it was better that they came together and as a community effectively participated in the disaster preparedness plan. Though the cyclone Hudhud later made its landfall in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh,but the community people from the villages were fully prepared to face the impact of the disaster.


These two districts has been vulnerable to flood and cyclone. Last year when cyclone Phailin hit Odisha, these two districts were adversely affected and the community suffered enormous loss with regard to livelihood and shelter as they were close to the river Sono and Budhabalanga.