While the world is struggling to cope with the havoc caused by COVID-19 pandemic, the people in West Bengal and Odisha have received another blow in the form of the destruction caused by the Cyclone “AMPHAN”. According to the latest reports, millions of people have been affected and at least 72 people have died. 

As soon as the Cyclone warning was issued, IGSSS’s project team in Ganjam, Odisha facilitated a thorough review of the emergency preparedness via a virtual meeting with local youth leaders of Disaster Management Team (DMT) in Khalikote. The agenda of the discussion revolved around the measures taken by the villagers in their own villages and ways to deal with the cyclone, factoring in the COVIID- 19 situations too. They were advised to maintain physical distance in the shelter if evacuations happen. IGSSS was also in touch with its partner DHARA who is working in Kendrapada. 

IGSSS’ is closely monitoring and assessing the situation. We are in touch with the communities affected by the cyclone in our project areas and assessing the impact