Reported by: Dr. Sadanand Bag (Manager-Advocacy and Networking) & Ms. Savita Verma (Officer -Partnership Management-North Zone)


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Lucknow, 28 March 2016: Approximately 9 crore women currently work as domestic workers in Indian homes. They constitute a significant percentage of unorganised sector workers caught in the struggle for identity and social security. In Uttar Pradesh, there is no legal provision for their social security or welfare which leads to less remuneration for work, no fixation of working hours, no leave, exploitation, sexual harassment, no security and so on. 


 A Consultation on “Domestic workers – Situation, Challenges and Way Forward” was jointly organized with our partner organization, Ankur Yuva Chetna Shivir at Rai Uma Nath Bali Auditorium, Lucknow. The purpose of the consultation was to bring to fore the issues and challenges faced by female domestic workers at state level, their identity as informal sector workers, the struggle and experience of networks and organizations working for the welfare of domestic workers; and actions taken by Union Government as well as state governments so far for domestic workers rights.


Mr B.J Singh (Deputy Labour Commissioner, Lucknow), Mr. Rajnath Singh (Member- Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board, Lucknow), Mr. Monasur (President, National Federation of Domestic Workers, Kanpur), members of All India Domestic Workers Association (AIDWA) and representatives of different NGOs, CBOs and Networks working on the issues of female domestic workers participated in the discussions.


Besides fighting for social security, minimum wage, fixed working hours and leave provision for domestic workers, one of the major recommendations was to create a group of representatives for advocating the issues of domestic workers at State Level.