Written By: Ms. Shubeena Ayoub, Associate Coordinator, Kashmir
Edited By: Communications Team




Baramulla and Bandipora: A series of workshops were organised on Human Rights Education, RTI (Right to Information) Act, and legal literacy by IGSSS under the Misereor funded project “Promoting Localized Empowering Action for Peace and Stability”. The awareness events were organised in the villages of district Baramulla and Bandipora and was spearheaded by the various youth groups.


The special focus of the programme was on educating communities on the fundamental rights guaranteed by the constitution of India. It was shared with the community that an understanding on various rights would  strengthen the individuals to uphold and voice for their own rights and those of others. Similarly, the community awareness events on the RTI Act focused on the importance of the Act. The youth members demonstrated before the community members on how the RTI application could be filed and how this can be used as an information tool towards promoting peace in the society. The community members were also assured that the youth group members will help and facilitate the process of filing RTI applications whenever required.


The Youth also conducted legal literacy workshops in their communities and sensitized the community on various legal sections under Ranbir penal code. It was shared with the community members that being legally aware will empower the community to demand justice, accountability and will help to promote peace through non-violent means.


One of the key outcome of these programmes were that the PRI members have started approaching community groups for helping them to organize such awareness programmes so that updated information on Government schemes could be disseminated to as many community members as possible.


Moreover, organising such events through volunteering approach of youth is further helping the project in enhancing knowledge of communities and to reach out to the community population on a larger scale. Through these events, youth have gained recognition in their communities and have received appreciation from the community heads for taking such initiatives. The village heads were happy to see young people making efforts to increase awareness of their community people and encouraged them to continue such activities.