Reported By: Dani Yakang, Associate Coordinator, Youth Development Programme
Edited By: Communications Team



Youth Development (1)


Itanagar, Arunachal: IGSSS under its youth development programme ‘SMILE’ organised the event to create awareness among the youth about their basic rights and entitlements and also to discuss about the various Government sponsored welfare schemes and legislations.


Ms. Neelam Rupa, Chairperson of ACS and Associate Professor of DBC, Itanagar, facilitated the sessions and spoke on the issues and problems faced by the youth of the state. Another key speaker, Ms. Bengia Seema Research Scholar, RGU, discussed on various the importance of rights and entitlements. She specifically spoke about Right to Information (RTI) act, shared the processes of filing up an RTI and the different circumstances under which the act could be filed. Ms. Bengia Seema, also spoke much on the Right to Education (RTE) act and urged the youth to effectively utilize both these legislations towards the betterment of the society.


Ms. Dani Yakang, Associate Coordinator, IGSSS, Youth Development Programme, shared how social evils such as domestic violence and child marriage are still prevalent in many remote villages and in several parts of the state. She urged the youth to be torchbearers in the fight against wiping such social crimes that curb the positive development of any society. Ms. Dani stressed that youth should immediately file complaint with the Women Commission of Arunachal Pradesh, Legal Aid Clinic and Women Police Station whenever they come across issues of domestic violence and child marriage.


The programme ended with an oath taking ceremony for the youth wherein they took a pledge to rise up to their responsibilities and duties and be the agents of change.