Ganjam, Odisha: Security Health Education (SHE) program, a CSR initiative being implemented by IGSSS with the support of CAF India and USL, was appreciated by the local Gram Panchayat. In a letter to IGSSS, the Sarpanch of Narayanpur said that the construction of the bore well will help people access potable water in the three intervention villages during the harsh summer.


IGSSS is implementing Security Health Education (SHE) program providing access to safe and potable drinking water and proper sanitation facilities for impact on maternal and child health. The program has formed water user groups and sanitation committees which motivate and ensure the community to access safe drinking water and adopt safe hygiene practices. The program also aims at improving the use of toilets and reduces open defecation practice to reduce incidences of water borne diseases.


Letter in Oriya English Translation
Appreciation letter

The social development initiatives jointly undertaken by IGSSS, CAF and USL and the construction of three drinking water structures (Bore well) in Alipur, Narayanpur and Bergispentha villages of Narayanapur Gram Panchayat will help people access water during the summer season. On behalf of Narayanpur Grampanchat Office, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the three institutions and hope to have their continued  support in social development initiatives in future.

– Sarpanch