Reported By: Savita Verma, Officer, Partnership Management, North Zone
Edited By: Communications Team





New Delhi: IGSSS and Micro Home Solutions (MHS) are working towards providing affordable low cost tent shelters for the urban homeless population. In this context, representatives of MHS visited temporary settlements of urban homeless people in Lodhi Road and Nizamuddin. The identification process and the visit was facilitated by IGSSS.


Through the preliminary survey of the Lodhi Road and Nizamuddin area, IGSSS and MHS aim at identifying locations and the urban homeless people in Delhi who could be provided with the tent shelters. Such tents would be useful for the urban homeless people who are forced to spend their nights in the open, even during harsh weather conditions. These tents are easy to set up and are portable. These can be folded and could be carried easily by the homeless people and also stored at ease. During the field visit, there was also a demonstration on setting up of these tents amongst the community members and their feedback was also taken on the usefulness of the tent shelters.


Micro Home Solutions is an organization working towards enabling the creation of socially inclusive cities by studying, designing and creating a portfolio of viable solutions informed an interdisciplinary lens. In India their work focuses on n enabling self-construction housing in informal settlements. This practice has created the main supply of units for low-income dwellers. Rather than dismissing informal settlements or slums as the issue, they believe in catalyzing self-build efforts while improving outcomes related to safety, health and social inclusion.