Reported By: Mr. Dharani Payeng, Officer Programmes, Northeast
Edited By: Communications Team


fish farm


Ukhrul,Manipur: Twenty seven year old Mayami was just about managing to keep his head above water with such meagre income. Mayami hails from Chingai village which is a small remote village, 65 km away from Ukhrul town. His family comprises of his wife and three children.


Mayami studied upto ninth standard and had to discontinue due to extreme poverty and lack of financial support. However, he always harboured the dream of sending his young children to school once they grow up. But his dreams faced enormous threat due to his poor financial condition, the earning from his marginal paddy field was barely enough to even feed his family a square meal a day.


Mayami’s two close friends Aningboy and Ningkhangam were also living in abject poverty. They were also surviving in extreme difficulties with their earnings as daily wage labourers. There were limited sources of employment opportunities in the village, which were gradually sliding these youth into a state of hopelessness and they were falling prey to alcoholism.


However, one afternoon brought sparks of hope in their lives.The president of the Chingai Youth Club shared that IGSSS was about to organise fish farming training for the youth in the village as livelihood generation initiative under its youth development programme. These three youth like several other in the village applied and were selected for the training. Following which, they were supported with nylon nets measuring 40 metres and 4000 finger lings to start the fish farm. Mayami and his two friends have jointly started a fish farm venture and they are very hopeful that the income earned through this initiative will help them to a significant extent in dealing with their financial problems and will pave a pathway to fulfil their dreams.