Reported By: Affarmand Rashid, Project Associate, Kashmir
Edited By: Communications Team


Street Theatre (1)


Srinagar, Kashmir: A four days capacity development program on street theatre was conducted under the Youth Action for Peace intervention by IGSSS, which essentially meant for developing awareness amongst youth through interactive play and drama. The objective of this workshop was to sensitize communities on various issues of social development through street plays.


The facilitator Mr. Farooq Ahmad discussed with the participants the concept of street theatre, its definition and how it evolved, its necessity and functions in the society. Mr. Ahmed initiated discussions on various social issues crippling the progress of the state such as dowry, eve-teasing, corruption, unemployment, female feticide and drug-addiction and the role the youth needs to assume to tackle these social vices. Besides these, various nuances of street theatre such as the role of writer, director and how to write a captivating play were also discussed. Emphasis was also given to strengthen communication skills during the capacity building session.


Towards the end of the workshop, the participants in groups performed their skit on various topics plaguing the community such as corruption, unemployment, drug addiction, eve teasing, child labour and dowry. The workshop ended on a positive note with an interactive discussion between various youth group and network members of the practical implementation of these plays.