Sr. Rose Hauniang Paite is the General Councilor for Social Apostolate in the Congregation as well as the director of Centre for Development Initiatives, Guwahati. She heads the Social Development department of the congregation and all the social service initiatives of the congregation are conducted under her direct supervision and leadership which includes the 5 provinces in India, the Italian delegation, South Africa (Lesotho, South Sudan, Swaziland, Johannesburg and Ethiopia) and Hawai. She is also ‘A’ Class Board of trustee member of the Alcoholic Anonymous India. Sr. Rose Paite is Psycho therapeutic Counseling. She is the Founder of Ferrando Integrated Women Development Center: Peace Home, in Durtlang, Aizawl, Mizoram. She is serving as the secretary of the Governing Board till date and also held the position of the director for 8 years. Her expertise includes working with women substance abusers and HIV/AIDS, sex workers, alcoholics and their children. She was also the women Commission Secretary of the Diocese of Aizawl, Mizoram for four years and led about 5000 women to dedication and service. Sr. Rose also initiated the Domestic workers Movement in Mizoram and worked with thousands of migrant workers from Myanmar and girl school drop – outs from rural areas. In appreciation and in acknowledgement of her contribution to the State of Mizoram, the Senior Citizens Association of Mizoram accorded her as the Nightingale of Mizoram on the occasion of their Golden Jubilee Celebration in 2010.