Winter is coming! And so is the harsh time for the homeless people trying to make ends meet on the streets of Delhi. The worst affected are the women and children.

According to Global Hunger Index 2019, India has been ranked 102nd out of 117 countries. In India, just 9.6% of all children between 6 and 23 months of age are fed a minimum acceptable diet.

The National Family Health Survey affirms that in Delhi 27% children below the age of five are underweight and 32% face stunted growth.

BUT, you can make their lives better!

Help us in raising funds for homeless women and children to support them with nutritious food, health camps and sanitation kits.

DONATE an amount of:

INR 10,000/– will help to set up a health camp.

INR 7500/– will help to feed a whole family for a month.

INR 1500/– will help feed a homeless individual for an entire month.


Any amount of your choice.

Let us change #hunger2happiness for the #Homeless