How to stay at home? When they don’t have one!


As our country reels with Corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic, it is the most marginal and vulnerable that suffers the most in times of crisis. There are a host of positive measures taken by the central government and the different state governments, yet we still have communities that fall through the financial and social protection nets.  And are deeply impacted and your support is the only hope.

There are 1 million urban homeless as per the last census.  Most of our big cities have huge number of homeless who remain invisible and sleep in deplorable conditions in the open exposed to the elements. Even though we have homeless shelters in some cities, they are ill-equipped and with less capacity to handle all the numbers. Homeless are also left out of any benefits and schemes as many do not even have any identification documents to claim their rights. It is in this context that the corona epidemic put the homeless, who are mostly casual labour workers under twin risks. Risk of the livelihoods wiped out and exposure to virus infection. Many such communities – homeless individuals and families, often with small children and people with disabilities, who used to work and earn their food are having to go hungry and are in not in a position to defend them against the pandemic.

With your support and our effort in four cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Patna we wish to ensure that the homeless people living in the open on street and in the shelter should get at least two meals and do not sleep hungry; or else they will fall prey to the virus. The support will be through supplies of dry ration along with masks and soaps to each homeless individual for a month to safeguard themselves during the outbreak and lockdown. Along with this, sensitization campaigns will also be conducted in the homeless communities and in shelters to educate and sensitize the homeless on the prevention from COVID’19, which includes process of handwashing, social distancing, and recognizing symptoms of the disease; thus ensuring that homeless are themselves safeguarded and also contribute to the wider protection of our society.

Your support will help support the homeless in times of this crisis and provide a lending hand for their survival. Indo Global Social Service Society (IGSSS) along with its partners is coordinating relief and emergency support through government agencies. IGSSS through its work and action strives to reach the most needy and vulnerable communities.

BENEFICIARY DETAIL: 25000 Homeless individuals living on street & in shelter homes in 4 cities, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Patna, for a period of 2 months.


An amount of 2500/- INR to sanitize a shelter home.
An amount of 2000/- INR to provide dry ration for a homeless for two months.
An amount of 1500/- INR to provide hygiene kit for a homeless family of four for two months.
Any amount of your choice