The HDFC Bank – Corporate Social Responsibility is all about developing a business model that not only creates economic value but also contributes to a healthy ecosystem and strong communities.   HDFC Bank has undertaken several interventions and projects through the year to create a positive impact on society while doing business. These projects take shape in many ways from corporate philanthropy, to employee driven projects.   HDFC Bank’s Sustainable Livelihood Initiative is a business model that has helped empower thousands of people, particularly women, in rural parts of India. HDFC Bank’s livelihood support programmes are aimed at empowering competency-based, skill-oriented technical and vocational training.   HDFC Bank as part of its commitment towards financial inclusion provides affordable access to basic banking products and banking services to the hitherto excluded and the often underprivileged and disadvantaged sections of the society. The Bank also recognises its responsibility to spread financial literacy and supports projects that aim at inculcating the same amongst members of society.   With a mission of empowering lives, the institution takes on a number of need-based projects that will help make a difference to people’s lives.