IGSSS is inviting EoI from experts/ consultant for designing three booklets/manuals/ guideline average size of booklets 40 pages including cover pages. Interested experts can apply and or send their EoI to hr@igsss.net latest by March 13, 2021.
Share experience details, CV along with a cost estimation addressing to the Executive Director.

About the Project:

The government of India has launched POSHAN Abhiyan in 2018 to address the persistent challenge of malnutrition. In the same context, Indo Global Social Service Society (IGSSS) launched “SU-POSHAN” (Sustainable Provision and Occupation through Social Action for Improved Nutrition) program which aims to enhance food and nutrition security for marginalized people in selected locations in 8 states of India.

To get the deeper insights of nutritional status of various regions in India that will help in planning the targeted interventions for SU-POSHAN program, IGSSS undertook a baseline study.

The main aim of SU-POSHAN Project is to enhance the resilience of socio-economically marginalized communities in India by adopting more secure food and nutrition measures in agriculture, diversifying livelihoods portfolio and by practicing climate adaptive measures for a judicious management of natural resources and strengthening community-based organizations.

TO understand the current status in the project locations, baseline survey was done through project staff and community level volunteers.

The main objectives of the baseline study was to i) to understand the social, demographic and economic profile of the villages in the identified states ii) to understand the nutritional status of the households with special focus on women and children below 5 years of age iii) to get an overall understanding of primary health centers with respect to ICDS services and availability of medical equipment’s for identifying SAM/MAM children and anemic women and, iv) to understand availability of various livelihood opportunities in the geographical areas with extensive focus on agriculture land use.

Objective of the Assignment:
• IGSSS shall provide soft copy of the booklets/manuals/ guideline in MS-Word format to the consultant.
• IGSSS shall provide related section wise high resolution photographs to the consultant.
• The consultant shall be given the responsibility of graphics designing for 3 nos. of booklets/manuals/ guideline (size: 210 mm x 280 mm, total no. of pages: 40 each, multi coloured).
• The consultant shall adhere to maintain the communication standard/policy of IGSSS
• The typefaces, color, size and the overall layout shall be clean and eye-soothing
• The entire booklets/manuals/ guideline shall be 4 color design
• The consultant shall use the CMYK colour scheme (four in plates used in some color printing cyan, magenta, yellow and key) in the entire document
• The consultant shall convert JPEG images into Tiff and/or EPS for best production.

• The consultant shall produce the draft designing document to Mr. Amar Kumar Gouda, IGSSS before finalization.
• Once it is confirmed, the consultant shall handover the soft copy of final master design in a CD/DVD to IGSSS
• The consultant shall produce a high resolution PDF copy of prepress material which could be handed over to printer for publication.
• The consultant shall produce a compressed version of PDF of the same for web uploading
• The agency/consultant shall meet the printing press requirement if arises in between.

• The duration of the contract will be from March 15, 2021 to March 30, 2021
• First draft of the designs shall be produced before IGSSS on or before 25th of March,2021.
• Final version of design along with prepress material (PDF) and compressed PDF for web uploading shall be delivered by the agency/consultant on or before 29th of March, 2021.
• The consultant is expected to be in touch with IGSSS concerned person on a regular basis and report the progress and have the continuous dialogue to ensure that the design is moving in right direction.

Key Point person:
• Mr. Amar Kumar Gouda (CBC- Rural) [7327719736, 9437233593] will be the key point person from IGSSS to suggest the structure, chaptering and contents of the report.