Indo-Global Social Service Society is inviting Expression of Interest from Institutions/Individuals to conduct a need assessment for a solid waste intervention in the slums of Delhi.

To conduct a need assessment in 2 slums of Delhi and provide recommendations for designing a solid waste management project in the slums of Delhi.

Areas to be covered in Need Assessment

  1. Status of Solid Waste Management in 2 slums
  2. Overview of solid waste management operation/ structure.
  3. Analysis of stakeholders (role, interest/capacities/opportunities for linkages)who are engaged in the solid waste management in these slums
  4. Analysis of the type of association, contribution and potential of waste pickers in the whole process.
  5. Recommendations for interventions for solid waste management and the role of each stakeholder in implementations
  6. Specific Recommendations for income generation avenues for waste pickers, and slum dwellers in solid waste management.




Finalization of Need Assessment Tools (FGD, IDI, Survey)

16th and 17th May

Training of data collectors

18th May


19th, 20th and 21st May

Draft report submission

24th May

Final report submission

28th May


Volunteers for Fieldwork (data collection) will be provided by IGSSS. However, the whole supervision and conducting FGDs, and IDI will be the applicants’ responsibility. IGSSS’ survey app may be used for this.

Capacity Requirement from the Applicant

  1. Have considerable experience in the solid waste management in Delhi
  2. Understanding of the waste management operations in Delhi
  3. Knowledge about the stakeholders and their role in the waste management
  4. Have experience in conducting studies

A need assessment report with Chapters as per the components mentioned above. The recommendations must be very specific with explanation and substantiated by facts and data. The report should be of high quality without language and grammar errors. All the data must be presented in charts and explained thoroughly. The main report (without annexures) should not exceed 15 pages.

Up to 25,000

Please share your application by 15th May 2022 with a brief overview of the study design, capacity note and budget at . If you have any clarification, you may write on the same email ID.