Indo-Global Social Service Society (IGSSS) is looking for Quality Control Trainer (two) for training on parameters of Quality Control of agri-food products in term of warehouse-storage, genuine ingredients, adulterants, spoilage, expiry concept along with packaging and labelling rules and to train and create awareness among farmers to improve their lives and livelihoods.

We invite Expression of Interest (EoI) from individuals to come up with a project proposal along with their individual portfolio, reports of similar assignments (if any) and honorium (fee inclusive of GST). The individual will be selected on Technical aspect i.e. experience and education besides the fee/honorarium quoted.


IGSSS is working with WHH- Switch Asia project on organic food promotion. The one of the major highlights of the programme is to support farmers to ensure better income for their livelihoods. Hence, we are looking for Business Development plan consultants who can help us with the training programmes to be organized by IGSSS in different locations. The objective is to train the farmers and share knowledge on Quality Control for agricultural food products. The strategy under this output would target identified farmers Etc.

It is been found that there is a lack of business planning among the famers situated at the villages or remote parts of the country due to lack of education or proper knowledge about business planning, mapping, strategies and lack capacities to innovate and reach out to a larger number of consumers in term of healthy, organic or eco food. Bhoomi Ka project is also helping the farmers working on organic farming by providing them technical support and capacity building with a hope to improve their lives and livelihood.

Objectives of the programme and priority issues

The overall objective of the action is to contribute to sustainable local food systems that safeguard public and environmental health and promote sustainable smallholder agriculture.

The specific objective of the action is Demand for, and supply of ‘clean, green and fair’ foods increased in selected Indian towns, promoting the switch to sustainable food consumption and production patterns. When we say ‘clean, green & fair’ it means:

Clean: Organically grown foods which are free from potentially harmful substances.

Green: Seasonal, local, natural foods grown in a way that protects environment and biodiversity.

Fair: Appropriate prices for consumers and fair conditions and payment for producers and employees).

The objective of the assignment is to train farmers in different locations selected by Bhoomi-Ka, Switch Asia Project about Quality Measurement for organic agricultural products. The objectives cover

  1. To train farmers about hygiene techniques for warehouse-storage and management.
  2. To train farmers about the concept of genuine ingredients and adulterants.
  3. To knowledge exchange about spoilage and microbiology of agriculture-based food.
  4. Concept of expiry, AGMARK, FSSAI
  5. Train the farmers for packaging and labelling rules.
  6. To train farmers about hygiene techniques from crop-harvesting to warehouse.

To engage and inform the audience/ consumer and promote the campaign we invite Quality Control Trainer person for below category for seven months. The assignment may depend from onetime engagement to monthly assignment based on the need of the project. 

Assignment Responsibilities:

To give speech and demonstration in English/Hindi language on Quality Control Trainer among farmers. To meet the objectives of the project, resource person is requested to submit quotations for given deliverable. This assignment is not a one-time engagement. There will be multiple submissions under each deliverable category over the period of seven months depending on programme schedule of the project.

The specific requirements under the two categories will be as followed:


Details of output


1. Submission of Report on training on Quality Control measures

·      Hygiene techniques for warehouse-storage

·      Concept of genuine ingredients and adulterants.

·      Spoilage and microbiology of agriculture-based food.

·      Marketing and Export Regulations

·      Concept of expiry, AGMARK, FSSAI, NPOP

·      Packaging and labelling rules.

·      Hygiene techniques from crop-harvesting to warehouse.

Duration: 1-2 hrs. session.

Report words 300-500

The last date for sending the proposal, inclusive of fee (incld GST) and other details as mentioned above is MAY 24, 2022, at Shortlisted individuals will be contacted for detailed discussion. Following which final selection for the assignment will be conducted.