Indo Global Social Service Society is looking for a consultant who can manage the digital campaign –
Climate Resilient Village Campaign in Vidarbha and Bundelkhand region of Maharashtra, Uttar
Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh.

The person who is interested to apply for the consultancy should have the experience of planning,
implementing, and managing similar campaigns on the issue of climate, environment, and similar
social issues on social media platforms.

The objective of the social media campaign is to promote the concept of climate resilient village and
generate the interest of policy makers. The campaign should create significant engagement from the
target groups.

Deliverables from the consultant:

1. Weekly target

Creatives for all Social Media platforms including:
Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn | YouTube

Theme based and platform specific – Info- graphics, Picture stories and Videos highlighting relevant progress report from the fields. The content received from the field must be converted into an engaging post.
One post on each platform every week.

2. Formulation and executing strategies to increase the traction of the relevant stakeholders

3. End of campaign report
Report with following details: docket with all creatives; list of #tags used and people who were tagged; traction data and learnings and suggestions for future.

Campaign Period: 15th April 2022 to 31st June 2022


1. Mandatory field visit to have an understanding about the place and the people.
2. Field visit will also create opportunity for proper coordination between consultant and the field persons.
3. Developing info-graphics and stories based on secondary research and ground reports.
4. Posts to be published online periodically on a fixed day of the week with prior approval from IGSSS point person.
5. Work on Final report to be initiated simultaneously along with online campaign.
6. Work report should be finalised and submitted for approval within 15days after the end of online campaign.
7. Once approved, printable artwork and digital open file to be shared with IGSSS.
8. Identifying and using appropriate hashtags, tags (organisations, campaigns, movements) would be requisite for the social media campaign.
9. Each week to have a specific theme and creative will be developed around that theme in platform specific formats.

Target Audience:

1. Policy makers
2. Government office bearers
3. Social media Influencers

For more clarity with regard to the work (before applying) you can call to Mr Anthony on 8116493204.

If you are interested in the work then send your CV or company profile, sharing the work experience of social media campaign along with the quotation of the detail cost, to the following email address

Last date :11th APR 22