Indo Global Social Service Society is looking for a consultant who can undertake the project Building Heatwave Resilient slum communities in Delhi through structural and non-structural interventions. The project primarily focusses on installation of Agri bio panels (bio thermal insulators) in 30 houses from selected slums in Delhi till mid of May 2022 as structural intervention. And measuring the effectivity of the Agri bio panels and some non-structural interventions at post installations. The project will engage resource organization to build structural innovation with installation of bio panels.

Responsibility of the consultant:

  • To work closely with the resource organization for installation of the Agri bio panels (bio thermal insulators) in the slum houses, panels at roofs and walls of the selected 30 houses in different slum area, Delhi by mid of May 2022
  • To study the feasibility of the existing constructions before installation of the Agri bio panels
  • To track and give input on structural constructions during installation of Agri bio panels
  • To update project team on structural construction and ensure on time accomplishment of Agri bio panel installations
  • To give quality structural construction for Agri bio panel installation in 30 houses of the slums
  • To give technical input in reading and measuring temperature differentiations at pre & post installation of Agri bio panels (bio thermal insulators) in the 30 houses, Delhi slum  

Period: 4 months 


  • Develop & maintain weekly and monthly plan
  • Strong coordination with project team
  • Time to time update to project team
  • Resolving difficulties (if any) during project intervention
  • Building ability to project team on structural interventions and other technical aspects
  • Maintaining project deliverables 


Preference to similar background, knowledge & experience in structural interventions


  • For more clarity about the work (before applying) you can call to Mr Proshin, phone no. 9231990890
  • If you are interested, apply with your CV, sharing the relevant work experience to the following email address
  • Last date of submission is 21st April 2022