Written by: Mangneo Lhungdim, Deputy Director, IGSSS





New Delhi: I consider myself fortunate to be in IGSSS at a time when it celebrates the 55th glorious foundation day for more than one reason, not only because IGSSS is one of the earliest national development organization with demonstrated nation building in our commitment to the pursuit of justice, equity and freedom but also because the organisation has time and again evolved and reinvented itself to face the current and future uncertainties of voluntary actions in this great country.


If one pauses and looks back, one cannot miss to notice how IGSSS has influenced and impacted numerous individuals some of whom have organized themselves into civil society organizations. Today, there are more individuals and organizations meaningfully involved in the development sector which probably is the greatest contribution of IGSSS to the people of this country. My foray into the development sector too, in more than one way was influenced by IGSSS and its works in the ‘remote’ and difficult to reach regions of the country.


Fifty five years is a long time in the history of any institution, especially so, for a development organization. That, together with the stakeholders and several partners, IGSSS has travelled thus far with unwavering commitment and devotion is a real tribute to the founding fathers of IGSSS. I, therefore, salute the founders who had the vision to create this great institution called IGSSS. I would also compliment each and every partners, collaborators and staff over the years that have had equal hand in building on the vision of the founding fathers to transform IGSSS to what it is today.


May God continue to use IGSSS!