By: Quynh Trang Nguyen, Volunteer, New Delhi


Travel Tale from Germany

New Delhi: With a Social Sciences background and a profound interest in development work, I have been working as a volunteer at IGSSS since September 2015. Having given the opportunity to work in a well-known and experience enriching NGO as IGSSS, I’ve come around to accompany our field colleagues at work in the slum of Baljeet Nagar which is located in the Northwest of New Delhi.


Due to lack of education, skills and resources, the majority of the people living in the area work on daily wage basis – for instances as construction workers, street vendors, or rickshaw pullers. Often their workplace is located outside of the area. Around 80 percent of the households are headed by men, while major family responsibilities and the practice of child care are left to women. Poor housing standard is an issue, but moreover, people are permanently facing problems regarding water and sanitation which extensively limit their basic needs.


Among the target groups, children still remain the most vulnerable group that needs to be addressed. Hence, my colleagues and I visited the community where we met the children to discuss major issues that they are facing day by day. It is surprising as well as admirable to see how happy and open the children are despite the hurdles and disadvantages that challenge them every day. Moreover, my visit have shown our organization’s great effort to involve the left-outs in accordance to our mission – to implement and support quality development programmes across India to empower individuals and communities belonging to the poor, marginalized and vulnerable sections of the society with special focus on women and children.


For this reason, I am deeply thankful for getting the chance to be part of IGSSS and I am looking forward to gain further experiences and knowledge in the next seven months of stay in India.


Quynh Trang Nguyen is working as a Weltwaert Volunteer in India. She hails from Germany.