On the account of International Yoga Day, Fellows of Yes Foundation currently interning at Indo-Global Social Service Society  carried out a huge rally on the roads of Baljeet Nagar in the late afternoon under the umbrella of  Swaccha Bharat and Ideologies of IGSSS.

This event was organized to make people aware about hazardous effects of plastics on humans as well as the ecosystem and how banning of plastics will be beneficial to them  in the long run.

The event saw massive participation of self volunteered youths of Baljeetnagar. It was a community based youth-led engagement to make their community more aware of their environment and  rights.

IGSSS as a Development Organisation is working actively in Baljeetnagar to fight for the rights of the people in that area. Youth groups have been made within the community, which are mentored by the staff of IGSSS north zone branch.

During the rally, many kids and youth showed their willingness to join as  volunteers on the spot owing to the way they were approached with games, posters, cartoons etc.

This rally was organised to create a momentum on ‘plastic ban’ which was also the theme on World Environment Day this year.

They talked to the youth and explained them about the hazardous effect of the Plastics and its waste. Myriad posters and banners were used to mobilize the community.

Infographics, diagrams, charts, posters, paintings were used as the medium to convey the message of plastic ban.

The rally had two objectives; one to mobilize the youth of the community to participate in such a thing and other was to create awareness about the perils of plastic and environment. It was a successful event in all, that clearly marked the essence of World Environment Day.