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Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. – Henry Ford



IGSSS has an assortment of highly professional and immensely talented and competent personnel who hail from different parts of the country, belong to different cultures, speak different languages and yet exude camaraderie, mutual bonhomie and amity. And it goes without saying that IGSSS culture reflects warmth and cohesion. Compassion is what is synonymous with IGSSS as an organization for all its stakeholders; the most important of all being the human resource spread across the length and breadth of the country persevering to achieve the objectives of the organization and in the process making a positive difference to very many lives and upholding our five decades old legacy.


With deep rooted values, strong conviction, high energy and positive approach IGSSS team is taking the organization to new heights and is waving the flag high. IGSSS believes in encouraging its personnel to take initiatives, think out of the box, take risks and responsibilities and make them partner in decision making process which help one evolve as a professional and grow as a person resulting in holistic development of individuals.


IGSSS promotes transparency and accessibility to information such as changes that take place in our organization, systems and structures. IGSSS as an organization also constantly encourages staff to maintain their work-life balance.



Employees Speak


“It has been almost 5 years of working in IGSSS and I must say, these five years have shaped me as a person and as a professional, through experiences both good and bad. I came here as a naïve person who has limited experiences and someone who did not know how to use his limited capacities to the best. But being a part of IGSSS, I learnt new things every day. Each day brought with it a new challenge and a new opportunity and a new lesson that helped me to broaden my horizon, not only in my work space but in my individual life too.”

Shah Imran – Executive Accountant, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir


“At IGSSS I started my work with women, the community especially the men protested and threatened me saying that being a man I should not be working for women. Gradually the attitude of the same men changed towards me. This has happened due to women’s empowerment project in the field areas. Now in the non project villages, women approach me and ask me to initiate work in their villages. Before the project, I was just a villager but now I am a ‘Bhaiya’ (elder brother) of some 400 women.”


Nansing Baria, Animator, Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh


“I feel very proud and privileged with the realization that I have had nearly four decades of fruitful and intimate association with IGSSS. My memory goes back to the time when I joined this esteemed organization in 1975 as a Steno-Typist in the Accounts Department. The learnings and experience that I have gained from IGSSS are priceless. I am happy to share with you that my hard work, dedication and emotional attachment to this institution have helped me to enhance my capabilities, nurture them and has brought forth the best of my abilities. I also feel that, I could make significant contribution to the growth of IGSSS, though educationally I am not well qualified. This being my first job, in many ways IGSSS has been my ‘Gurukul.’”


Sally Faria, Worked with IGSSS for 38 years in various capacities and recently retired as Officer Special Assignments, New Delhi


“The best part of remaining associated with IGSSS for more than five years was not only the work culture which kept me motivating in continuing my association but it was care, protection and unbiased attitude towards women that firmed my roots with the organization. I feel these were the reasons that I never thought of getting associated with any other organization.”


Saima Gul, Worked with IGSSS as a Capacity Development Executive, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir