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July 3 to July 9, 2013

July 9, 2013


IGSSS has finalized its first phase of relief distribution in the 11 villages of Ukhimath block in Agastya Muni Sub-division, Rudraprayag District. The relief aid comprising water filter, water storage container, kitchen set and hygiene and sanitation kits will be distributed within the next one week.


IGSSS is also carrying out Water and Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Awareness meetings in 10 villages. Simultaneously baseline and need assessment survey of three more tehsils is being carried out by the Emergency Response Team.



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July 7, 2013


Rudraprayag: Incessant rains and frequent landslides in Ukhimath Tehsil have hampered the ongoing relief operations. The villages have become inaccessible and people are living in constant fear of another disaster. People are in urgent need of basic necessities as relief has not reached to the remote villages. The worsen weather conditions have further impacted the mobility of Emergency Response Team (ERT).


Civil Society Initiatives Landslides

Even though the road conditions are still worse,

civil society organisations are reaching out to the

beneficiaries treading through the difficult terrains.

Ruins from the landslide that occurred during

the Uttarakhand Flash Flood.


Ukhimath Tehsil, due to its inaccessibility, is one of the worst affected areas. The ERT moved towards Ukhimath Tehsil to identify the villages and families in need. THDC India Ltd, providing logistic support to IGSSS, have been requested to provide food grains for the families. The procurement process have begun, ERT is meeting with the representatives of Christian Aid to discuss the procurement and relief distribution plan.


The IGSSS Emergency Response Team also met Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) of Augustamuni Block, Local Memebr of Legislative Assembly (MLA) and the Special SDM of Rudraparayag DM Office and apprised them of the current situation. The DM Office advised IGSSS to work in Ukhimath Tehsil and extended its support. IGSSS has been formally included as a relief agency working in Rudraprayag District.


IGSSS appeals for voluntary support in the form of material or monetary donations. Click Here.


July 4, 2013

IGSSS has received monetary commitments from MISEREOR and Christian Aid to support the relief work for first 45 days in Augastmuni Block in Rudraprayag District. The support also covers the setting up of the base at Rudraprayag. Meanwhile our second batch of ERT team is about to reach Augastmuni to initiate the ground work for relief distribution.


In the field, THDC India is providing logistic and other support to the IGSSS ER Team. 


IGSSS has also received donation request from individuals in India and overseas. IGSSS thanks MISEREOR, Christian Aid and people for extending their support.


July 3, 2013

The Follow up IGSSS ERT team is leaving for Agastmuni Block in Rudraprayag District, Uttarakhand on July 4. The objective of the team is to set up the base at Agastmuni and to prepare for relief and rehabilitation work.


Plan for the first 45 days:

IGSSS plans to carry out detailed ”need” assessment followed by NFI kit distribution and awareness workshop on WASH. The NFI kit will cover the immediate needs of people such as bedding (plastic mats, dari, bed-sheet, blankets); utensils (kadai, rice bowl, roti tawa, plate, glass, cooking & serving spoon); WASH kit (50 litres bucket with lid, laundry and bathing soap, antiseptic liquid, water purifying tabs, etc) and for temporary shelter, Tarpaulins (120 GSM 24*18 feet) will be distributed to the affected families.


Way Forward

IGSSS plans to work on psycho-social support, livelihood building as well as rehabilitation issues of the affected families such as compensation, land acquisition, right to education, food and work by involving national and state human rights commission. IGSSS also plans to work on Disaster Risk management in collaboration with SDMA.