Sustainable Options for Uplifting Livelihood (SOUL)

Sustainable Options for Uplifting Livelihood (SOUL)



The SOUL program focuses on building and strengthening Village Development Associations and their systematic process of capacity development. It addresses poverty issues affecting the life of the communities through an integrated poverty reduction approach that are owned and managed by the community itself. The program aims at improving the livelihood status of the families by reducing their vulnerability by increasing the food security.


The SOUL Program is supported by MISEREOR.


SOUL Program takes forward the impact that PEARL Program has created in reducing the food insecurity of the families by promoting farm based and non-farm based economic activities and facilitating them to access government social security benefits. However, unlike PEARL, it addresses reducing the climate change vulnerability by promoting judicious management of natural resources and developing models based on best practices for adaptation. SOUL intends to strengthen community based organizations to participate in the local governance and develop micro-plan of villages around the felt issues.




Number of Beneficiaries:
30,000 marginalized families and 5000 youths


Types of Beneficiaries:
Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribe (ST), Other Backward Caste (OBC), Small and marginal Farmers, Landless and Unorganized Laborers, Migrants and Displaced, Youth with no or minimal livelihood option




Key Intervention Areas:
The two key program intervention strategies are:
i) Judicious utilization of natural resources by adopting and promoting good practices and
ii) Accessing government services