Smile (DKA Austria)



Youth development is one of main thematic area of IGSSS. SMILE program is specially designed to work for the development of the youth. “Making youth partners in development” has been the slogan, the approach and the process of SMILE program. In the end the youth involved and became responsible in their thoughts, words, and deeds.


The focus of the second phase is on: Livelihood development and Sustained growth through Right based approach.
Peace building is the underlining theme in all the program activities and SMILE has worked with different communities and tried to bring them under a common platform. In the program process, SMILE will strengthen the strategic intervention of peace building through the youth so that together they advocate, lobby and campaign for social justice and peace.




In Manipur the project has been implemented in 20 villages of Senapati district covering 1,196 (as per youth profiling done at the initial stage of the implementation) youths from two blocks i.e. Saikul and Tadubi.


The targeted youths belongs to the Kuki and Naga communities.




Key Intervention Area:
Building 10 groups of Social Entrepreneurs (Youth for Change Volunteers) by building their existing institutions (youth clubs) to work on
• Youth motivation
• Life Skill & Leadership development
• Career opportunities for the youth
• Social justice
• Peace (Me to We) education among Youth and
• Issues that the youth want to take up for overall development of their villages