Demographics – 

Target Group

Informal sector workers (construction workers, rickshaw pullers, rag pickers, sex workers, domestic workers, seasonal and cyclic migrants, daily wage labour, street vendors and other communities working in vulnerable, hazardous conditions)

Street dwellers, squatter settlements, residents of homeless shelters, slum residents (unrecognised/unauthorized slums), residents of resettlement colonies, Chin refugees in Delhi)

Outreach – 30,000 families


Objectives – 

  • Residential vulnerability (access to land, shelters, basic services)
  • Occupational vulnerability (precarious livelihoods, dependence on informal sector for employment and earnings, lack of job security, poor working conditions)
  • Social vulnerability (deprivation related to factors like gender, age, social stratification, disability, lack of social protection, inadequate voice and participation in governance structure)