Vocational Training and Rehabilitation for Migrant Youth in Delhi

Vocational Training and Rehabilitation for Migrant/Homeless Youth in Delhi


The project entitled “Vocational Training and Rehabilitation for Migrant/Homeless Youth” aims to vocationally rehabilitate the migrant/homeless youth (18—30 years) who are currently housed in different shelters provided and managed by IGSSS. Rehabilitation would include job placements of successful candidates according to their qualifications, caliber and level of expertise. These jobs will facilitate self-reliance in the lives of the migrant/homeless youth and restore their individual worth. As these youth are coming from various backgrounds, they would need a great deal of social skills required for their reintegration with mainstream society.





 Location   Number of Beneficiaries 
 Yamuna Pusta   1500 homeless
 Chabiganj  400 homeless
 Himmatgarh  200 homeless
 Majunu ka Tila   250 homeless
 Regarpura, Karol Bagh   400 homeless
 Banglasaheb Gurudwara   900 homeless




Key Intervention Area:

Rehabilitation of 180 migrant/homeless youth (18—30 years) through vocational training on:

• Industrial Sewing, Multi Skill Technician (MST) and Electrical.
• Technical: Industrial sewing, electrical, plumbing, mechanical and carpentry.
• Non-technical: Training on soft skills (communication), interpersonal skills, negotiation skills, problem solving, responsibility and taking initiative, team work and work readiness.


Job placement towards accomplishing a productive life of self-worth, dignity and harmony within local communities