Promoting Localized Empowering Actions for Peace and Stability (P -LEAPS)

Demographics – 

Target Groups:

  • Women and Youth, CBOs like Mosque Committees, Village Welfare Committees, Women Self Help groups, Panchayats, political and religious leaders, media, victims of violence, educational and government institutions.
  • The women will include from resource poor families, widows, half-widows, both educated and uneducated women, victims of violence.
  • The youth will include both educated and uneducated, victims of violence, employed and unemployed. The outreach is expected to be 600 youths
  • Social, religious, political and elected leaders. The expected outreach is 100 leaders
  • Mosque Committee, Women Self Help Groups, Youth Groups, People’s Forums and Welfare Committees. The outreach is expected to be setting up of 20 groups



Target Areas:

District – Baramulla and Bandipora

State – Kashmir

Outreach: 1000 families, 500 community leaders, key persons, government officials, NGOs, Peace Activists, college and school teachers, media persons and 20 community based groups.



Objectives –

  • Marginalized and vulnerable groups participate in peace initiatives leading to stability in the region
  • Vulnerable and at-risk groups, particularly women and youth promote and safeguard their human rights
  • Increased access and participation in the local grassroots governance for effective realization of democratic rights and entitlements of the vulnerable groups