One Hot Meal

One Hot Meal Initiative


Delhi has only 64 permanent and 54 temporary shelters which can accommodate just over 14,000 people, meaning the majority are left to fend for themselves every night. Homeless people have been dying round the year, but during winters it is worse. The severe winter of 2010 saw several deaths of the homeless in Nigambodh Ghat area in north Delhi, which is the key hub of homeless. It is scientifically proven that during winter, the body needs higher calories to maintain the body temperature.


As a response IGSSS started a community kitchen in the area, covering three of its shelters and reaching out to 300 people twice, every day. It was observed that during the entire period, there was not a single death of the homeless who were provided food.
In the winter of 2012, with the generous support from MCKS- Food for hungry foundation, IGSSS has again initiated a “One Hot meal” program at Yamuna Pushta area covering approximately 250-300 homeless people, providing one nutritious meal, hot supper every evening since 12th December 2012.




The initiative reached out to almost 22,500 vulnerable and destitute people in 109 days.




Key Intervention Areas:
• Reaching out to a minimum of 100 CityMakers (Homeless Residents) of Yamuna Pushta area every evening
• Providing one hot nutritious meal every evening to each recipient