Unconditional cash assistance was provided to 1155 flood affected families in nine villages of Baramulla and Bandipora district. The cash assistance turned out to be very beneficial as it helped families to establish temporary sheds, medicines and also to buy food items.


In Kashmir when banking and government machinery collapsed due to sudden floods, the people in general were rendered cashless. In villages, people who usually are daily wagers; elderly and widows who mostly depend on monthly cash assistance from government,were badly affected by the dearth of cash. Food prices also soared to the point where most of the affected families had to reduce their portion of meals s they were unable to afford food items at inflated prices.





Impact of Cash Assistance

Ms. Afroza, of Mandyari village, from Baramulla district, shared, “I am suffering from chest infection since last three years and post flood my health condition worsened, the money helped me to buy medicine costing Rs 500, it will last me for a month now.” She also utilized the remaining amount for  buying food items.


Ms. Fahmida, from Check-e-Jamal Mir village, in Baramulla district, was left homeless with her three children in the aftermath of flood.  Her house is completely damaged. “It will take me years to rebuild my house but life has to move on. I bought tin sheets to build a temporary shed for living and the cash of Rs 1000 contributed to the expenses of these tin sheets”.


Mohd. Afzal said, “I bought two pair of shoes for my children for Rs 200, I also spent Rs 500 on food items and I distributed the remaining amount of Rs 300 among village kids as Eiddie (a token amount paid by elders to kids on Eid festival). I wanted to spread joy in my village and among the kids on this EID. This cash of Rs 1000 for me was like cash from heaven”.





Sanitation Initiative

35 flood affected villages were sprinkled with bleaching powder (Calcium Hypochlorite) by the members of the IGSSS Emergency Response Team (ERT) in Bandipora and Baramulla district of Kashmir. The floods in the villages have left a trail of devastation along with piles of filth and stagnant water. Many villagers have reported of skin problems and diarrhea in health camps and expressed the need to sanitize the villages. In villages like Odina, Zalpora, Gonchipora, Shiganpora, Inderkote and Shilvat in Bandipora district, water is still stagnant at most of the places, thus posing a huge threat of communicable and waterborne diseases.




The susceptibility of villagers to the diseases has increased due to lack of proper sanitation facilities and open drainage. The villagers have hardly any coping mechanism in place and the vulnerability has risen to greater levels. The sanitization effort was thus undertaken to prevent any threat with regard to the health concerns of the villagers belonging from the flood hit areas.



Reported By : Mr.Yasir Qureshi,Senior Manager, Programmes, Kashmir