K – Caleen Programme for Carpet Weavers

Demographics –

District – Bandipora and Baramulla

Target Groups:

Male Weavers in the age group of 18 to 55

Women Weavers in the age group of 18 to 45

Ex-Weavers and Master Weavers




Beneficiaries –

No of Primary Beneficiaries: 200 carpet weavers

No of Secondary Beneficiaries: 600 (family members of weavers, ex weavers, contractors, dealers, exporters, government officials, NGOs, media etc)



Objectives –

  • Create an enabling environment for weavers and other stakeholders to improve the working and workplace conditions as per the established Standards through participatory approach.
  • To mobilize and organize vulnerable carpet weavers for increased awareness towards, services, entitlements, rights and duties through capacity development
  • To promote multi-stakeholder dialogue between carpet weavers, government officials and representatives from civil society and resource organizations for better understanding and development of the industry as whole.