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Ethnic Conflict Emergency Response in Lower Assam

Ethnic Conflict Emergency Response in Lower Assam


Chirang, a district in Assam, is full of forests and rivers and it falls under Bodoland Territorial Area Districts (BTAD). The main occupation of the district is agriculture and communities such as Bodo, Adivasi, Nepali, Hajaong, Konch, Bengali, Muslim and several others live in this part of the state. They lived peacefully and in harmony till the unfortunate conflict broke in Kokarajhar district and spread up to Chirang in the month of July 2012. Before one could realize, the conflict killed many people across communities and damaged properties. The conflict was mainly between migrants and indigenous communities specially flaring up between the BODO’s and Muslims in the BTAD area. But, some other communities like Rajbonshi, Adivasi, Hajang, Nepali also suffered in the ethnic clashes. At this critical juncture, IGSSS with support from DCA came forward and distributed relief to 761 worst affected and deserving families in the relief camps which was followed by psychosocial support/care.




Block: Chidli, Borbazar and Manikpur
District: Chirang (BTAD), Assam
Total Households: 761

 Scheduled Caste     Other Backward Communities     Muslims     General  
370 households  81 households   300 Households    7 Households  



Key Intervention Area:
• Providing relief support to 761 severely affected victims from Muslim, Bodo and other communities in the camps out of which 300 families got GI sheets while others got Clothes and utensils.
• Addressing and relieving trauma and stress of victims through psychosocial support activities like formation of task forces, games & sports, cultural activities etc