Dil Se


Development through Integrated Livelihood Schemes and Environment conservation


The Development through Integrated Livelihood Schemes and Environment conservation (Dil Se) program is implemented in six villages of Waghodia Block of Vadodara District, Gujarat. The primary focus of the program is integrated livelihood development in the area with improved soil and water conservation activities leading to better agricultural yield along with improved off-farm activities and promoting local entrepreneurship. The Dil Se program is supported by Suzlon.




Number of Beneficiaries:
250 families

Types of Beneficiaries:
Landless families mostly tribals and Dalits



Key Intervention Areas:
The Dil Se program led to the formation of various community based groups such as Self Help Groups (SHGs) Adolescent Groups and Women’s Co-operatives. It became a platform wherein the community women discussed on social issues, health and hygiene and issues concerning the development of the village. The groups also started playing an active role in spreading awareness in the village.


Key strategies include:

Integrated Agro-based Program: The Integrated Agro based Livelihood Program (IABLP) successfully addressed the issue of low crop production and livestock yield. 

Awareness and Sensitization Campaigns: Mass events such as awareness rallies in the target villages during significant days such as Women’s Day, Environment day, Children’s day and Human Rights Day were organized very successfully. 

Capacity Building: Linkages and exposure visit to the institutions such as Banks, Krishi University, Government Departments, enabling the women to look for alternate avenues for sustainable income.

Training on Gender Issues: Trainings on gender sensitization, rallies, street plays, meetings and day to day interaction played an important role in strengthening the community.