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Sustainable Livelihood — Photo Blogs

3 February 2018 Sustainable Livelihood
The union budget 2018-19 was presented on February 01, 2018. Government called the budget farmer friendly, common man friendly, but there are always criticisms from oppositions and experts. The budget encompasses higher minimum support prices and increased farm credit targets. This is an assessment of the impact of the budget on farmers which is crucial to our work.
28 December 2017 Sustainable Livelihood
Millets have very rich source of nutrition and it helps to address the issues of hunger and malnutrition.
26 October 2017 Sustainable Livelihood
The village is about 90 years old and the eldest person residing in the village is 85 years old.
25 August 2017 Sustainable Livelihood
Baghdohdha village, home to Pahari Korwa families is one such village which lacks access to basic facilities like roads, drinking water, electricity and public healthcare amenities. Pahari Korwa’s are Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTG) who lacks awareness about their rights and entitlements and also how to access them.
6 June 2017 Sustainable Livelihood
5 June 2017 Sustainable Livelihood
19 December 2016 Sustainable Livelihood
14 November 2016 Sustainable Livelihood
In more distressful times, many children often become victims of the worst form of exploitation.