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Other Programmes — Photo Blogs

1 April 2016 Other Programmes
A three-day sports cum cultural meet 2016 was jointly organised by Henglep Area Youth Development Association (HAYDA) and Indo-Global Social Service Society-Churachandpur (IGSSS-Ccpur) from March 18 to 21 at Henglep subdivisional headquarters.
15 January 2016 Other Programmes
Dr. D. Raghunandan, Volunteer, Delhi Science Forum delivered a lecture as part of our bi-monthly dialogue series on recent global climate deal, COP21- Paris Agreement held in Paris and its implications for India. The objective was to orient and enhance understanding of IGSSS staff on discussions going on globally on reducing threats of climate change.
4 December 2015 Other Programmes
27 November 2015 Other Programmes
27 November 2015 Other Programmes
20 November 2015 Other Programmes
IGSSS is participating to support the malnourished children and lactating mothers in Madhya Pradesh
27 February 2015 Other Programmes
New Delhi: For Effective Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation to help stimulate learning.
5 December 2014 Other Programmes
The meet was attended by 130 representatives from across 65 partner organisations.
19 September 2014 Other Programmes
The importance of reaching to a large number of audiences through using communication tools.
30 April 2011 Other Programmes
There are such a high percentage of young people who see the future as something totally black…. If you open even a small window for them to see the sky, it will be a tremendous force for change. But they have to be able ...