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Gender Programmes — News & Events

5 March 2018 Gender Programmes
I now earn Rs. 25,000 per month as a domestic help and it is a huge support for my family.
4 January 2017 Gender Programmes
Their first challenge came in the form of the soon to be mother, 36 year old Guddi.
28 October 2016 Gender Programmes
It is time for a new discussion on women and leadership.
2 September 2016 Gender Programmes
Story of Ramvilas and Gauri sowing seeds of Gender Fairness in remote Uttar Pradesh.
1 July 2016 Gender Programmes
A session on the community’s understanding on Gender was conducted.
1 July 2016 Gender Programmes
The pressure of living up to a certain prescribed role of masculinity has hit the family unit the hardest. The role of fathers has been traditionally pictured as the strict disciplinarian, the tough guy, chief decision maker and the provider whereas the mother is supposed to be the ideal homemaker and the primary caregiver.
22 April 2016 CSR
the construction of three drinking water structures (Bore well) in Alipur, Narayanpur and Bergispentha villages of Narayanapur Gram Panchayat will help people access water during the summer season.
5 April 2016 Gender Programmes
A study conducted by the National Family Health Survey (NFHS – 3) in 2005 - 06 on domestic violence highlighted that sixteen percent of married women experienced emotional violence in their lives.
11 March 2016 Gender Programmes
11 March 2016 Gender Programmes
The event was kickstarted with the formal launch of the social media campaign ‘Gender Unmute’.