Break The Fast - Winter Campaign

Donate Nutritious Breakfast Meal for the homeless in Delhi

Winter is here. Every year Delhi faces the harshness of winter bitterly. With cold waves sweeping the state and mercury plunging, life becomes difficult at the Indian Capital. We try to save ourselves from winter wrath tucked in our woolens and boots, shawls and sweaters, nestled in the comfort of home. But winter brings enormous miseries for a migrant group of population who forced by poverty flock to cities like Delhi in search of livelihood. Street is their only affordable Home.

For around 2 lakh homeless people in the state, who are living out in the open and awaiting another harsh winter, we choose to play our part. In a bid to provide comfort and warmth to the homeless residents, IGSSS is undertaking ‘Break the Fast’ campaign to provide nutritious breakfasts to the homeless residents living in the shelter homes at Nizammudin and Anand Vihar, operated by the Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board (DUSIB). The breakfast packets will comprise of Roasted Gram, Banana, Jaggery and Dates. The campaign will run for a period of 1 month, reaching out to 100 homeless residents per day.

The thought is that eating breakfast can boost energy levels and metabolism and can help a person survive the harsh winter days even in the absence of meals through the day. The nutritional quotient in the breakfast meal will give the body the necessary calorie and will help them keep warm and also play critical part in preventing casualties during winter.

We have identified following two shelters for ‘Break the Fast’ Campaign:


Shelter Location Number of Shelter Residents About Shelter
Sarai Kale Khan 40 Women and 20 Children The shelter houses homeless women and children as residents. The shelter residents mostly earn their livelihood through begging in nearby areas. As part of government’s initiative, tea & rusk is being provided in the morning and also the shelter residents are given lunch. Provision for lunch will continue till 11th January, 2017. In a bid to cover the gap between the meals, we will provide nutritious breakfast to the shelter residents.
Anand Vihar 40 Men The shelter residents comprise migrant men sustaining their livelihood through daily wage labour. The shelter is specifically selected for providing nutritious breakfast as they have no access to any other forms of meal from Government or Civil Society Organizations.