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6 November 2015 Urban Poverty
6 November 2015 Sustainable Livelihood
18 September 2015 Kashmir
18 September 2015 Disaster Risk Reduction
4 September 2015 Urban Poverty
Ekjut, IGSSS partner, has been implementing the Samaveshi Seher Programme as part of the Urban Poverty Intervention.
14 August 2015
Every year, a sizeable population of the country, migrate from the countryside, leaving behind their home and families, to the cities, in search of livelihood, in search of a better life. Agrarian crisis, lack of employment avenues and economic opportunities are the key factors that push this migration drive.
17 July 2015
The IGSSS Jhabua unit, under the SOUL programme has time and again conducted sessions with the community members for the development of sustainable livelihood solutions for them.
10 July 2015
Community based organisations were formed towards spearheading the process