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28 October 2016 Gender Programmes
It is time for a new discussion on women and leadership.
5 September 2016 Disaster Risk Reduction
19 August 2016 Disaster Risk Reduction
On the occasion of World Humanitarian Day, we share some anecdote from our staff and partners who have been part of humanitarian relief operations in the recent past.
12 August 2016 Sustainable Livelihood
Keeping in forefront the millions of farmers who bear the burnt, this paper adopts a human-angle to propose a comprehensive ‘Ecosystem Framework’.
8 July 2016 Sustainable Livelihood
Duars Alternative Medical Research Institute (DAMRI), our partner organization based in Alipurduar, West Bengal began working in Shalboni & Surendranagar area of the Red Bank Closed Tea Garden in April 2015. The purpose was to help the unorganized sector workers of closed tea gardens to access their entitlements and help them in increasing their income. Community based organizations were formed to support the tea garden workers to participate in local governance, to raise, represent and redress critical issues from the ground through joint action.
1 July 2016 Gender Programmes
The pressure of living up to a certain prescribed role of masculinity has hit the family unit the hardest. The role of fathers has been traditionally pictured as the strict disciplinarian, the tough guy, chief decision maker and the provider whereas the mother is supposed to be the ideal homemaker and the primary caregiver.
14 April 2016 Sustainable Livelihood
The severity of drought is showing an increasing trend since the last decade leading to decrease in food production.
6 April 2016 Sustainable Livelihood
The parties agreed to take actions for Mitigation to limit global warming to "well below" 2 degrees Celsius to significantly reduce the risks and impact of climate change.
5 April 2016 Gender Programmes
A study conducted by the National Family Health Survey (NFHS – 3) in 2005 - 06 on domestic violence highlighted that sixteen percent of married women experienced emotional violence in their lives.
13 January 2016 Disaster Risk Reduction
The organizational personnel, facilitating this movement on the ground, are being mentored and capacitated to enhance their understanding on peace building – such that personal convictions can be more effectively translated into action through a structured process of peace education.