Reported By : Ms.Arpita Macwan, Officer Programmes, Ahmedabad




Indore, Madhya Pradesh: IGSSS has initiated project for the urban poor- Samaveshi Sheher (Inclusive city) in 28 cities. In western region there are seven partner organizations associated with the project i.e. in Mumbai, Ahmedabad,Surat,Jaipur and Indore.The project aims at reducing residential, social and occupational vulnerabilities of urban poor with the special emphasis on the informal sector workers.

Janvikas, a partner organization is working in two areas i.e. Shekhar Nagar and Chitavat Kakad, which is home to rag pickers community. Recently from Shehkharnagar slums around 800 families were evicted to Bangarda locality. The locality was built under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) almost three years back.


However, the community lacks access to basic amenities. Rama Bodhade, a new resident of Shekhar Nagar slum shared that, “We are being told that condition here will be better for living but looking at the poor quality of construction we doubt if the buildings can stand for long” said. These people earn their livelihood through rag picking and here they do not have any options for work. The low cost apartments have been allotted to the slum dwellers on a long term lease of 30 years.


The community is struggling for access to water, electricity, education, and livelihood and health facilities. One water tank is allotted for each family and on the basis of first come basis; the community have access to water. Since, the water availability is not sufficient, many community members have to access water from the well which is surrounded by the garbage.
Janvikas, is involved in discussion process with the government authorities towards addressing the concerns of the residents of the Shekhar Nagar slum. The advocacy effort of the partner organization is gradually bearing fruits as the concerned government personnel has assured that they will look address the concerns of the locality at the earliest.