Sustainable Actions for Livelihoods and Mainstreaming Initiatives (SALAM)


The ongoing intervention, “ sustainable actions for livelihoods and mainstreaming (SALAM) initiatives in far-flung areas of Kashmir” is meant to empower and diversify women, youth, PRIs and other village level institutions to be independent, to bring out their hidden skills and ability to do something or establish their own business through provision of micro credit and trained in business skill.




Women— 150
Youth — 100
Panchayat Members (PRIs)— 20
Total— 08 Villages




Key Intervention Area:
• To enhance potential of women and youth in accessing options for their sustainable livelihood through thrift management and capacity/skill development.
• To mobilize the community for increased awareness towards entitlements, rights and socio-economic issues.
• To promote multi-stakeholder dialogue and institutional linkages for assessing government services and schemes and contribute to the local governance.