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Sustainable Livelihood — Success Stories

28 April 2016 Sustainable Livelihood
Like river Padma, her life saw myriad ebb and flow defining the course of her journey crisscrossing many emotions on the way.
22 April 2016 Sustainable Livelihood
Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA) sanctioned Rs. 28 lakhs to build a check dam in Jhumuka Tribal Village in Rayagada, Odisha.
22 April 2016 Urban Poverty
“Sorry Didi, whenever I saw your group at Doranda Labour market, I used to hide and run away, I wish I never did that…”
22 April 2016 Disaster Risk Reduction
Mrs. Lamkonem from Teisaljang village, Churachandpur district lives with her husband and one child. Agriculture is the primary occupation and she also runs a small grocery shop.
14 April 2016 Urban Poverty
Urban Slum Civil Society Organisation (CSO) successfully advocates for pucca (concrete) houses for 264 evicted families in Cuttack.