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Disaster Risk Reduction — News & Events

13 January 2016 Disaster Risk Reduction
The organizational personnel, facilitating this movement on the ground, are being mentored and capacitated to enhance their understanding on peace building – such that personal convictions can be more effectively translated into action through a structured process of peace education.
12 January 2016 Gender Programmes
The programme in the past few months has laid special emphasis on the importance of men’s participation in care giving activities as an attempt to deconstruct gendered division of labour. Men in the group meetings have often expressed how they are essentialized as “bread-winners” and “protectors” in the familial spheres while women are relegated to roles of nurturers and care-givers.
8 January 2016 Urban Poverty
With a Social Sciences background and a profound interest in development work, I, Quynh Trang Nguyen, have been working as a volunteer at IGSSS since September 2015. Having given the opportunity to work in a well-known and experience enriching NGO as IGSSS, I’ve come around to accompany our field colleagues at work in the slum of Baljeet Nagar which is located in the Northwest of New Delhi.
7 January 2016 Kashmir
Children can safely be classified as the most vulnerable group during disasters, given their dependence on adults for fulfilment of basic needs of safety, shelter and food.