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30 January 2015
In the midst of chaos and agony for the loss of near and dear ones and shattered dreams, for every passing moment, people in the camps look out and waited patiently something to hope for.
30 January 2015 Urban Poverty
The inauguration ceremony was attended by the rickshaw pullers of Ghaziabad along with police authorities in charge of the area as guests.
23 January 2015 Sustainable Livelihood
Over the two days of consultation farmers from across the regions deliberated the contemporary challenges.
23 January 2015 Disaster Risk Reduction
The relief camp has been temporarily set up in a school.School cannot be resumed.
23 January 2015 Urban Poverty
Key focus of this three year’s project would be on residential vulnerability.
23 January 2015 Urban Poverty
As a Churner,it was realized that, one should have a critical analysis of each systems at micro level as well as macro level.
16 January 2015 Gender Programmes
While many men were initially hesitant to participate in role play exercises and were uncomfortable with the ideas being conveyed, many also came forward to identify with the positive fatherhood models.
16 January 2015 Urban Poverty
During these visits the members of IGSSS team disseminates essential information about shelter homes,medical care and other state sponsored welfare services.
9 January 2015 Sustainable Livelihood
The VAT members along with the villagers identified the village level issues and prioritized building of a protection wall on the eastern side of the village to prevent water and mud from entering the village during the monsoon season.