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Youth Development — News & Events

26 September 2014 Youth Development
Around 5000 marginalised youth will be developed as leaders.
25 September 2014 Youth Development
The homeless population at Mansarovar Park lives beside railway tracks.
25 September 2014 Urban Poverty
Existing slums should be acknowledged.
19 September 2014 Other Programmes
The importance of reaching to a large number of audiences through using communication tools.
19 September 2014 Sustainable Livelihood
The discussions revolved around understanding malnutrition from a broader aspect.
18 September 2014
Restoration and Humanitarian Assistance in Flood Affected Areas in Kashmir.
17 September 2014 Kashmir Flood Update
Many people narrated the harrowing time spent in past ten days.
15 September 2014 Kashmir Flood Update
Things are really bad. We are just helpless
12 September 2014 Youth Development
The New Land Policy might affect the tribal land holding patterns and leadership structures.
12 September 2014 Sustainable Livelihood
Most of the inhabitants in and around Chilika lake depended on fishing.