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Sustainable Livelihood — News & Events

28 July 2014 Sustainable Livelihood
The loss of production and income from agriculture and forest resulting from climatic fluctuations and other manifestations, whether big or small, has become routine.
28 July 2014 Gender Programmes
There is a rising demand amongst most tribes for changing the inheritance system though such a voicing for equal right is not uniform across tribes.
21 July 2014 Gender Programmes
The evidence of a slow uprising can be heard with an ear close to the ground.
21 July 2014 Sustainable Livelihood
Lack of patronage combined with Globalisation and market driven economy has led to the alienation of this community in both Kashmir and Uttar Pradesh. Unable to compete in the market driven economy they are migrating to urban centres to work as daily labourers adding to urban poverty.
21 July 2014 Gender Programmes
Our constitution guarantees equality, freedom of expression and personal liberty to all.
10 July 2014 Sustainable Livelihood
Once a month they get together to clean the village irrespective of caste divide.