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Urban Poverty — News & Events

30 May 2014 Urban Poverty
Para legal training for community members can help capacitate communities.
30 May 2014 Sustainable Livelihood
The farmers were encouraged to resort to traditional organic farming practice.
30 May 2014 Disaster Risk Reduction
The tribal village had minimal electricity facilities.
23 May 2014 Kashmir
Behrar is commonly known as Lepers Colony. It is home to 200 odd households.
23 May 2014 Youth Development
Forty youths from seven villages in Arunachal Pradesh participated in the career guidance workshop.
23 May 2014 Urban Poverty
One of the trainee Mr.Bapi Dutta shared his story.
16 May 2014 Disaster Risk Reduction
IGSSS piloted the tank base irrigation model in three phailin affected villages.
16 May 2014 Sustainable Livelihood
The communities were made aware about the importance of livestock farming and management.
16 May 2014 Gender Programmes
The animators were informed about the Nutritional Rehabilitation Centre’s (NRC’s).
9 May 2014 Urban Poverty
Helpline number for the urban homeless was launched at Mumbai.